Project Summary


One of my first roles at Sky was to build the Sky Emulators. These were like for like clones of existing Sky products. I built three emulators, which were for, Sky service app and interactive TV. 

I used Axure to build the emulators, using many advanced features so that they looked and felt like the real life products. 

These Emulators are used daily by all the customer support teams, so that they can guide customers while they are having problems navigating on there own sky products.  

This project gave be a number of benefits for own personal development and for my future work at sky.

  • I have become a pro at Axure and have used many of the advanced features that the software has to offer. 
  • I learnt the Sky digital estate inside out, which set me up nicely for when I mapped out the information architecture for Sky mobile.
  • I created an organised and structured process for maintaining the Emulators going forward.
  • Developed key contacts with stakeholders in the wider Sky business. 


Emulator guide

I created an Infographic document that promoted and provided access to the emulator within Sky.



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