Project Summary



In one of the most competitive sports in the world, footwork provides a social networking platform for academy football players to showcase there talent with the aim to be recognised in the football industry. The app is made up of three paths, players, football agents and club reps. Each path has its own tailored view, providing the relevant and best experience for each user. 


  • Initial research (competitor analysis) 
  • Defined the information architecture (sitemap)
  • Designed and built a first draft prototype using Illustrator and Axure focussing on the UX.
  • Usability testing was carried out with academy football players.
  • Using the findings from testing I refined the design of the app in illustrator and created the final prototype within InVision.
  • Developed a marketing campaign to go alongside the app, which included a motion graphic advertisement. 


  • Illustrator (Wireframes and Visual design)
  • Axure (prototype) InVision (Prototype, feedback and collaboration)
  • Whiteboard/Pen and Paper (Concepts and User flows)


Research and discovery


Competitor analysis

I gathered loads of key insights and ideas by analysing and critiquing what is currently on the market.

Network 90.jpg


  • Platform for players, coaches, clubs, agents and scouts. At every level or professionals.
  • Based around European football.
  • Visual Design is outdated.
  • Website is not accessible as its not responsive or a mobile app.


  • Private social network for existing professional footballers and is invite only. 
  • Design, theme and colour is relevant to the idea.
  • Navigation is clean and simple
  • Responsive website rather than an app  

Soccer CV

  • Players can enter an invitation code to join a club. This gives top players verification on the network.
  • Website is not accessible as its not responsive or a mobile app.
  • Fans can be users as well as players agents and scouts. 


I created personas so i could understand and focus on the user goals, current behaviours, and pain points



Information architecture

Mapping out the IA gave me an understanding of the taxonomies and structure needed to provide the best experience for the user. 



Customer Journey map

I created a customer journey map using UxPressia. This allowed me to define the different stages a user would interact and use the app.  


Design and testing



Below you can see the initial wireframes and first prototype.  The four screens displayed are the home, discover, messages and profile pages which are the main features of the app. 



Usability testing

The prototype above was usability tested with academy level football players to gain accurate feedback from our intended users.



To successfully be able to navigate throughout the app, understanding the onboarding process and main sections of the app (Home, discover, message and profile). Creating there profile, linking to there current club, adding connections (other players and agents). 


The test consisted of six users with five tasks to be carried out by the user.


  1. Create a profile.
  2. Link your account to your current club.
  3. Add connections (Find other players, agents and clubs).
  4. View your notifications.
  5. View your newsfeed and like or comment on one of your connections posts.
  6. Overall what is your view of the visual design of the app.


  • The majority of users understand how to onboard, creating there profile and linking to there current club
  • Some users found it difficult to navigate to their notifications.
  • All the users found it easy to find and add connections.
  • The majority of users navigated to the home section which was seen as a logical place to have the news feed.
  • Some users found it difficult to like or comment on a post, however this could be due to it just being a prototype.
  • All the users suggested on a different colour of the app as red only represented some teams. 
  • The majority of users felt that the discover section was easy to navigate but ascetically needed improving.   


Refined designs

Based on the key findings from the usability testing, I refined some of the journeys and revamped the overall visual design of the app. I decided to use Green as the primary colour due to it being representative of the nature of the app (football).

wires 3.png


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